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Skin Problems

Care of wounds , mud fever and other problems of the skin .
Superficial wounds that require no specialized veterinary treatment can be treated perfectly with Aloe Vera .

Aloe Vera gel has an antiseptic property that enables the affected skin area to heal faster; the product cures without closing the wound.  Fluid from the wound can still flow free, which reduces the risk of a root infection.

The actual amount of  Aloe Vera in the product plays a major role. Many products that are currently available have a low percentage of true Aloe Vera gel, so no miracles should be expected. Therefore, always pay attention to the percentage of Aloe Vera the product actually contains .

Affected skin on the lower legs of a horse , such as mud fever, can also be well catered for with Aloe Vera. The animal will often deal with itching of the legs with anything within reach.  Aloe Vera ensures that the itch itself disappears  and subsequently the horse will stop attempting to relieve.  The softening and moisturising properties ensure that  the skin is nourished and protected and flaky dandruff will disappear.