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The secret of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera originates from the warm climates of Africa. Nowadays it can be found in most warm region throughout the World. The Dutch Caribbean island Curacao is well known for its Aloe Vera plantations, where only the best Aloe grows.

Aloe is renowned for its medicinal characteristics and belongs in the ‘top 10 plants used for healing and cosmetic purposes’.  The most important part is the gel-like transparent substance inside the thick leaves. Aloe Vera Gel  contains over 75 different nutrients. In addition, Aloe Vera contains a complex poly-saccharide , which plays an important role in the healing process of damaged cells; it is activating the immune system whilst also protecting against bacteria and viruses .

The Aloe Vera Klambu Horsecare uses for their products has an exceptionally high concentration of these substances, which can presumably be contributed to the climate on the island in which Aloe Vera thrives.