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Klambu products are naturally produced from high-quality Aloe Vera . This makes our products suitable for both humans and animals .

Aloe Vera is a natural product that helps all kinds of skin problems such as mud fever,  sun burn, insect bites and superficial wounds. Klambu Pure Aloe Vera Gel reduces itching, cares,  soothes and supports the resilience of the skin in order that the hair growth can be resumed. Due to the aseptic nature of  Aloe Vera, affected skin areas will heal quickly. By the addition of tea tree and lavender oil the product also acts against midges and flies . The parts of the horse that are not covered by a sweet itch rug  can be treated as well in order to reduce the number of midge bites. Horses will highly appreciate the treatment with Klambu.

Klambu makes it possible to have a relaxed ride without a sweet itch rug, as long as  the horse is treated with Klambu Pure Aloe Vera Gel just before the ride.