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Klambu Horsecare Pure Aloë Vera Gel 500ml

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Enriched with Tea Tree Oil and Lavender.
Soothing balm that instantly reduces itch in horses that tend to scratch or suffer from itching caused by bites of Culicoides midge ( Knut ) . 98 % Pure Aloe Vera Gel nourishes and softens the skin using natural ingredients . Suitable for various skin problems such as rough , chapped and irritated skin e.g. mud fever  and insect bites . Can be applied directly to affected areas. Suitable for humans and animals . For external use only. Keep from freezing.

Use: Apply 2x daily liberally to the affected skin .
Gently massage the balm at the roots of the mane and tail .

Note: Klambu is no alternative to a sweet itch rug, which helps to prevent the horse being bitten by midges . Klambu is an excellent addition to stop the itching. Areas that are nevertheless irritated will be softened  and scratching of tail and mane will be reduced significantly. The use of Klambu makes it possible to have a relaxed ride without a sweet itch rug, as long as  the horse is treated with Klambu Pure Aloe Vera Gel just before the ride.